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How do you get social media users to like you on new and popular media platforms when you’re feeling left behind? How do you position your brand if you need to attract a new demographic? Why does the company’s website sell the product poorly? Why do brand posts on social media get so few likes? Does the company look modern enough in the public space or maybe it’s time to change something?

Creative consulting will help to find answers to all these questions.

Creative consulting is an independent audit of information resources (websites, social media accounts, media, stand-alone advertising campaigns, courses and other projects). This is a fresh and honest user view from an outside perspective and a curated assessment done by professionals who understand how to fix the flaws and make appropriate recommendations. We will help correct the tone of communications; advise on how to make your website more convenient; provide references on a more trendy visual style and advise on how to comprehensively improve the representation of your brand or product on the Internet.

There are plenty of tools, platforms and approaches to work with your target audience, but the choices can feel overwhelming. If you’re unsure what would work best - the solution is creative consulting!


Not a month goes by without a brand finding itself at the center of a scandal because of a tweet gone wrong, an offensive advertising campaign, or risky positioning of a product that triggered an attack by Internet activists.

A reputation that took years to build can be lost in a day. To prevent this from happening to you, we provide an ethical audit to anticipate any criticisms you might face.

We have experts specializing in gender representation, inclusion, prevention of discrimination and non-violent communication. We understand how not to offend a girl with feminist views; what language to use to talk about: growing up, relationships, sexuality, mental health and the lives of people with special health needs.

If you want to create delicate, smart, ethical and progressive branded content, we can help you. We will analyze your channels of communication and provide recommendations.


Special project is a broad term which can mean almost anything a brand does on the Internet. There are no limits to imagination here: we can create a project with a wow-effect; which is captivating, memorable and helps the brand stand out from the competition.

Would you like to present buying your product as an interactive quest for young girls? Maybe your audience needs an online encyclopedia with videos and tests? A time-killer game you simply can’t stop playing, or a multi-format immersive adventure on the landing page? Or perhaps what’s best is a portal with a comprehensive analysis of the problem solved by your product, or a kind-hearted telegram-bot that provides psychological support on a daily basis.

All this is something we can create, design, code, launch and organize PR support for, so that as many people see it as possible.

New formats

New trends are constantly emerging on the Internet, and everyone wants to follow them to be known as fashionable and up-to-date. But few people know how to do it right. We will create a story and embed your product in that story, and do it in a way that emphasizes your brand values and gains recognition from your target audience. We closely follow trends and understand how to use them to solve our clients’ challenges in an inventive and creative way.

Are you tired of the usual boring ads and want something cutting-edge? Something that you can proudly show your friends, and that people will talk about? We will come up with a completely new format for you, and you will be the first on the market to launch it.

We have already created NFT-food, a cyber yard with ZHEK-art and an interactive cartoon based on Rick and Morty. Maybe we’ll do something even more unusual and interesting with you!


Micromedia, or ‘pop-up media’, is a particular kind of special project: a small media focused on a niche topic which informs the reader in detail about a subject or problem, and at the same time represents a product or brand. This is a good option if direct advertising isn’t possible.

Micromedia is similar to brand media, but is launched for a specific product or product line, and contains a limited amount of material (typically 10-15 articles) and is done for a short period of time (2-3 months).

For example, you want to sell a new pimple ointment, but you don’t know how to advertise it. Skin inflammation is often a consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle, but if we make a micromedia platform about reasonable egoism, we can avoid the negative imagery of the condition and emphasize that every person has acne from time to time for different reasons - so it is useful to keep our ointment in the medicine cabinet.

Brand media

Brand media is an instrument that helps a company to become a voice of the industry and to draw attention of a big audience.

Social media posts go down in the feed and are poorly indexed by search engines and yield few brand site visits.

But well-crafted brand media not only creates an excellent reputation for the company, earning the appreciation of its audience, but makes it a market expert. Well-crafted media is made for readers. It is filled with materials not by marketers and copywriters, but by qualified editors and journalists

Our team includes editors, journalists and designers who have been creating online and print media for over a decade. We know all about content for people.

Brand media is a long-term project, with big investments and a lot of intellectual effort, but it’s worth it. Let’s do it.

Animated podcasts

The Internet is filled with text materials, but this has made us miss the communication of the human voice, the emotions of a speaker, and lively discussions. This craving drives the podcasting boom. Podcasts are listened to at home, on the work commute or when out for a walk.. 25% of Russians listen to them, and most often they are found on YouTube.

But YouTube is a video hosting site. Podcasts on YouTube have either a boring placeholder picture that doesn’t change throughout the playback, or a monotonous video of the host and guest just sitting and talking. We figured out a way to make it more appealing.

An animated podcast is a cartoon that visualizes the themes of a pre-recorded conversation. It illustrates the message, is entertaining and makes the points more engaging and memorable. The animated podcast is a great tool for those who want to stand out from the clutter of conventional podcasts. You can use it to tell the audience about professional insights; give the floor to an expert, and create brand integrations. It can also be a good format if you’d like to make a series of episodes for the company’s employees as part of their ongoing training.

Educational course

The audience is always grateful for branded content which promotes something that is selfless and benefits the user. This could be memes and fun videos, or free festivals and exhibitions. Nowadays, however, the format of online education is especially relevant.

Educational courses help users to feel that the brand cares about them not just in words, but in real actions. Employees of the company will be able to feel the care of an employer who is ready to invest in content designed for their cultural and professional growth. Potential employees will note educational opportunities as a sign of a healthy corporate environment.

We have experience creating textual, audio-visual, and interactive educational materials and are ready to develop suitable formats and themes for you.

PR support

Your product can be spectacular, but the effort to create it will bear fruit only when the product is known to a wide audience. Therefore, we recommend broad PR support for all projects that we do with brands.

By PR, we do not mean mass mailing of press releases, but developing a strategy that will ensure maximum reach to the target audience; involving individual communication through different distribution channels, be it media, influencers or the industry-specific resource.

Competent PR for a large company ensures its permanent presence in the information field of the target audience. For a small or emerging brand, PR will create initial publicity, increasing its status, and developing audience trust with the brand.

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